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Keeping calm and cool...

Over the past several months, we've worked hard training our staff on what it means to be Fear Free, a useful strategy designed to reduce fear, anxiety, and stress (FAS) in our petsThis is accomplished by removing certain triggers and stressors, which cause pets to become fearful on the way to/at the veterinary hospital.  Fear Free increases compliance, enhances the quality and deliverance of medicine, and encourages a more positive experience to take place for the pet.

Why fear free?

Some examples of Fear Free procedures include:

  • Utilizing tools such as appropriate harnesses and leashes (for dogs) and carriers (for cats) to aid in the transportation process to and during the pet’s visit

  • Using pheromones and calming music in exam rooms to help soothe pets

  • Offering appealing treats to pets to assist in distracting them while being examined/receivingvaccines

  • Prescribing anxiety medications for pets to take before their vet visits to lower their nervousness and fear

  • This mission goes beyond more traditional forms of treating pets with the goal being to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress (FAS); this ultimately helps to keep everyone safe and more comfortable (the pet, owner, and veterinary staff included)!

Common Practices

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