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Many pets in South Carolina struggle with allergies.  Our veterinarians are experience at helping manage all types to help our patients live itch free lives.


Our veterinarians are highly skilled at identifying different types of allergies (food, environmental, & topical) and understand the appropriate tests, which need to be performed, to establish an appropriate treatment plan.

Blood allergy testing is available to determine which environmental allergies your pet is allergic to and we create custom hyposensitization injections or sublingual drops.

We also have several non-steroidal medications to helps pets suffering from all types of allergies.

  • Tree, grass, weed pollens

  • Mold spores and dust/dust mites

  • Feathers

  • Cigarette smoke

  • Food (beef, chicken, pork)

  • Fleas and flea control products (only a few flea bites can trigger itchiness for 2-3 weeks)

  • Perfumes, Shampoos

  • Cleaning products

  • Fabrics

Common Allergies


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